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Academic posts:

In 1992 I was offered the post of Assistant Professor of English at Dongduk Women's University in Seoul, South Korea. I declined it and returned to the UK to establish Desert Island Books. This grew to become one of Britain's leading sports publishers. I also published the largest specialist library on the works of Bram Stoker. I am now retired from publishing.

Cruise-ship lectures since 2013 (earliest first):

Voyages of Discovery. Voyager. African and Arabian Adventure (18 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Astor. Cape Town to Tilbury (21 nights, 2015)
MSC. Sinfonia. Genoa to Durban (25 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Marco Polo. South American Treasures (54 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Astor. Cape Town to Tilbury (21 nights, 2016)
MSC. Musica. Copenhagen to Genoa (11 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Magellan. Autumn Fjordland (7 nights)
Saga. Saga Pearl II. Grand Caribbean Adventure, Southampton to Cuba (21 nights)
Oceania. Nautica. Eastern Embrace, Singapore to Shanghai (31 nights)
Regent Seven Seas. Seven Seas Voyager. Pacific Rim and Captivating East, Bangkok to Abu Dhabi (24 nights)
Fred Olsen. Boudicca. Rural and Rugged Canada (16 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Marco Polo. Canada in the Fall (28 nights)
Fred Olsen. Boudicca. Stunning South Africa (14 nights)


Cruise lecture titles:

Explorers of Arabia: Richard Burton and Charles Doughty
The Creation of Saudi Arabia
Vampires in Scotland: Ghouls in Arabia
Saudi Arabia from the Inside 1976-77

Africa and the Atlantic
St Helena: Paradise or Purgatory?
Ascension: Forbidden Island
The Falkland Islands: The Background to War
Cape Verde: Slaves, Waves and Busted Dreams
A Skeleton Tour of Namibia
Angola: A Tale of Two Writers - Paul Theroux and Ryszard Kapuscinski
Equatorial Saints and Sinners: Albert Schweitzer and Mark Thatcher
Morocco: Myth and Reality

Lisbon and Gibraltar: Lies, Spies, and the Making of Bond
Zeebrugge, Cherbourg, La Coruna: Gateways to Medieval Magic
Barcelona and Marseille: Towers of Men and Ghosts of Provence
Norway: A Brief Tour through Time and Face
Iceland: Fairy Tale or Fiasco?

Central America
1492: Columbus and America: Falsehoods and Fantasies
Cuba: Global Inspiration or Global Menace?
Islands in the Sun: Tobago and Jamaica

South America
A Personal Introducton to South America
The Trials and Tribulations of Magical Venezuela
Brazil: Sunny Smiles and Dark Secrets
Brazil: Generals, Gods and Games
Argentina: A Poisoned Chalice
Uruguay: A Hidden Gem
Chile: To Hell and Back
Tierra del Fuego: Magellan, Beagle, and the Land of Fire

A Snapshot of Eastern Canada: Icebergs, Whales, and the Extraordinary Mina Hubbard
Secrets of Newfoundland: Indians, Shipwrecks and the Widow of Saint-Pierre
Newfoundland Blues: The Newfie Bullet, the Death of Cod, and a Heroic Doctor
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

India and the Far East
India: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
'Siam', 'Camboja' and a Manic Missionary
Perspectives on Vietnam: A State and a State of Mind
Crisis in the South China Sea
Hong Kong, Macau and Canton: The British Invasion of China
Taiwan and Okinawa: Tensions in the East China Sea
A Peep into the Mysteries of Japan and South Korea
North Korea: The Weirdest Place on Earth
China: An Inside View of the Tiananmen Uprising of 1989

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