Clive Leatherdale

author, publisher, lecturer


Academic posts:

In 1992 I was offered the post of Assistant Professor of English at Dongduk Women's University in Seoul, South Korea. I declined it and returned to the UK to establish Desert Island Books. This grew to become one of Britain's leading sports publishers. I also published the largest specialist library on the works of Bram Stoker. I am now retired from publishing.

Cruise-ship lectures since 2013:

Voyages of Discovery. Voyager. African and Arabian Adventure (18 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Astor. Cape Town to Tilbury (21 nights, 2015)
MSC. Sinfonia. Genoa to Durban (25 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Marco Polo. South American Treasures (54 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Astor. Cape Town to Tilbury (21 nights, 2016)
MSC. Musica. Copenhagen to Genoa (11 nights)
Cruise & Maritime. Magellan. Autumn Fjordland (7 nights)
Saga. Saga Pearl II. Grand Caribbean Adventure (21 nights)
Oceania. Nautica. Eastern Embrace, Singapore to Shanghai (31 nights)


Cruise lecture titles:

Explorers of Arabia: Richard Burton and Charles Doughty
The Creation of Saudi Arabia
Vampires in Scotland: Ghouls in Arabia
Saudi Arabia from the Inside 1976-77

Africa and the Atlantic
St Helena: Paradise or Purgatory?
Ascension: Forbidden Island
The Falkland Islands: The Background to War
Cape Verde: Slaves, Waves and Busted Dreams
A Skeleton Tour of Namibia
Angola: A Tale of Two Writers - Paul Theroux and Ryszard Kapuscinski
Equatorial Saints and Sinners: Albert Schweitzer and Mark Thatcher
Morocco: Myth and Reality

Lisbon and Gibraltar: Lies, Spies, and the Making of Bond
Zeebrugge, Cherbourg, La Coruna: Gateways to Medieval Magic
Barcelona and Marseille: Towers of Men and Ghosts of Provence
Norway: A Brief Tour through Time and Face
Iceland: Fairy Tale or Fiasco?

Central America
1492: Columbus and America: Falsehoods and Fantasies
Cuba: Global Inspiration or Global Menace?
Islands in the Sun: Tobago and Jamaica

South America
A Personal Introducton to South America
The Trials and Tribulations of Magical Venezuela
Brazil: Sunny Smiles and Dark Secrets
Brazil: Generals, Gods and Games
Argentina: A Poisoned Chalice
Uruguay: A Hidden Gem
Chile: To Hell and Back
Tierra del Fuego: Magellan, Beagle, and the Land of Fire

A Snapshot of Eastern Canada
Newfoundland: Indians, Fish, and The Widow of St Pierre
Newfoundland: Trains, Whales, Vikings, and Missionaries on Ice
Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island

The Far East
'Siam', 'Camboja' and a Manic Missionary
Perspectives on Vietnam: A State and a State of Mind
Crisis in the South China Sea
Hong Kong, Macau and Canton: The British Invasion of China
Taiwan and Okinawa: Tensions in the East China Sea
A Peep into the Mysteries of Japan and South Korea
North Korea: The Weirdest Place on Earth
China: An Inside View of the Tiananmen Uprising of 1989

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